Ordering system that cannot get an address correct

(Updated 30 November 2019)

I recently had a issue with the #game (Game Retail Limited trading at GAME.co.uk) ordering system. And have to ask myself is it really that difficult to get the addresses correct?

I have had issues with game before which is why I tend to avoid them if I can help it.

We will be referring to the correct address for billing and delivery as goodaddress. And the wrong, incorrect, unwanted, unused and old address as badaddress.

I ordered something on games website (game.co.uk). I selected goodaddress as both the delivery and billing address. When reviewing the order online after it was accepted. I found that the delivery address displayed was badaddress and the billing address was displayed as goodaddress.

I queried this on the online chat system with a person, not the virtual rubbish that online retailers call assistants. To find that their system shows goodaddress as the delivery address. I also received an email confirming the order as showing the delivery address to be goodaddress. So the score is now goodaddress 2 and badaddress 1.

When I received an email stating that the order is shipped, the email showed the delivery address to be badaddress. So the score is now goodaddress 2 and badaddress 2.

The product was delivered at the correct address (goodaddress) not badaddress. But in an unexpected twist, the delivery note/receipt that came in the package showed the delivery address to be goodaddress, but the billing address as badaddress. So they couldn’t even get that right.

My question is how can so many errors make it through any sort of quality system. The only consistent part of these errors is the fact that they used the same addresses. They just couldn’t decide which address was which. Whoever writes the order system for #game (game.co.uk). Please tell me what other online retailers you work for so that I can avoid them all.

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