Is there truth in reviews?

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YourAppReview Add Taken From Email

Since we started posting applications to the Google Play Store (©2015 Google). We have been receiving offers from lots of different companies. The ones that caught my attention more recently keep promising “App Reviews”. How can a company promise more than 100 “App Reviews”?

For example, I recently received a promise of “115 App Reviews for Your App plus a bonus post to 4,000 App Review Fans on Facebook.” I am not stupid enough to accept their offer, but there must be a lot of people out there that do. Why on earth would I trust a company like “” that promises to lie about my application.

If you find offers like these tempting, then remember that you also rely on app reviews in order to decide what application to install. If you are ready to give your information to a company that deals in deceitfulness by default, then you must also be ready to accept that not only could you be ripped off, but that the reviews you read are false.

Please don’t give into these people. Show some integrity and stand up for truth in reviews. Don’t buy the lie.

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